The Information You Can Sync Through iCloud

Quite a number of people are familiar with what iCloud is. However, not very many people are familiar with its benefits and how best they can use iCloud. iCloud can help you to sync information in any of your device to be able to access the same information in any other of your devices in any location. There are very many features of iCloud and here are a few of them and how you can use them to enhance the use of your devices.

 This feature from this site allows you to automatically share documents between your devices. By using iWork's set of applications for spreadsheets, word processing or presentation, documents can be automatically shared between your devices. Whereas most applications will have some interactions with iCloud, not all applications are intended to share data. However, if you take an application like iBooks for example, if you were reading on one device, by accessing it on another device, it will automatically go to the page you were in the other device.

Photo Stream

If you have enabled your photo stream option, you will be able to share photos across all your devices. It allows photos that have been taken on one device to be automatically updated to all other devices and become automatically available in those other devices. Photo stream allows you to store up to a thousand photos in iCloud servers for up to thirty days.


In order to enjoy this service at, you will need to have an email address and setting ON your email option.  This feature is an optional part of iCloud which gives the device owner easy access to their email anywhere in the world without necessarily having to be in possession of an iOS device.

Reminders, Contacts and Calendars

If you have enabled these options, your information will be synced to iCloud. Therefore, by updating any of these ones in one of your devices, the same update is automatically updated to be available in all your other devices.

Find My iPhone

We all know how losing a phone can be stressful. Not any more with this feature. All you need to do is enable find my phone feature in all your devices and in the event you misplace or lose your phone, you can use the find my phone application in any iOS device to locate it. Additionally, you can use find my phone service by directly logging on the iCloud website.