iCloud - A Quick Introduction

Globally, cloud storage has become a growing trend. By using cloud computing technology, cloud storage service providers give users password-protected access to online storage space. With this online storage, you can upload files as a backup copy of content from your hard drive to work as an additional storage space to supplement your hard drive, or just to make those files available online for easy access from wherever you are using your mobile phone or computer provided there is internet connection.

One of the products that have revolutionized cloud computing is Apple's iCloud. It is specially designed to work seamlessly with all Apple devices connected to the internet. For instance, one can upload their photos from their iPhone and access them from their MacBook. On the same note, you can also upload music from your MacBook and listen to them using your iPod Touch. Most importantly, you can upload your important documents from your Mac desktop and access them from your iPad when you are on the move.

However, iCloud is not the first online storage service offered by Apple. MobileMe was iCloud's predecessor and it offered synchronization services for an annual subscription fee. Its primary objective was to ensure that certain files were synchronized between multiple devices. These include calendars, browser bookmarks, contacts, photos and Apple iWeb and iDisk services. Even though it was tailor-made exclusively for Apple products, it also gave room for other non-Apple computers to synchronize data at http://www.icloudlogin.com.

After sometime, Apple revamped MobileMe, merging its offerings into iCloud services. iCloud did not just replaced MobileMe; it also added flexibility and features as well as free service for up to 5 GB storage space. Besides that, every digital product purchased trough iTunes Store is readily available from the users iCloud account without factoring in the free storage space provided.

Just like its predecessor, one of the biggest advantages of iCloud is that it is integrated in Apple software. This makes it a convenient cloud storage option, provided that all your mobile devices and computers are Apple products. All the applications you use in both Apple iOS and Mac OS X can connect to your iCloud account and automatically store data. These include your photo gallery, contact list and a host of other things. The best thing is that this can expand to include other Apple devices used by other family members as well. With iCloud, you can continuously synchronize data among all your Apple devices while they are connected to the internet. Proceed to this icloud login to try out this service for free.